1201 Willson Avenue, Webster City, IA 50595


Thank you for your interest in making a donation to Kendall Young Library.

Monetary contributions from individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations help the Library maintain and expand collections, services, and programs.

  • Donate online through The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines) administers funds on behalf of the library.  You will be redirected to the Community Foundation’s website when donating online to support the Kendall Young Library.  You can choose from 2 funds:
    • General Fund: contributions support all areas of library operation including programming, staffing, building repairs, and technology.  Your donation to this fund is much appreciated and will be applied to the area of greatest current need.
    • Community Endowment: Contributions to our Community Endowment help ensure that the Kendall Young Library continues its standard of excellence for future generations.  Gifts to the Foundation’s permanent endowment increase the amount of income available for future library projects.  Donations to our Community Endowment Fund are eligible for a 25% Endow Iowa Tax credit, in addition to regular federal tax benefits.  (Click here for more information about the Endow Iowa Tax credit.)
  • Mail your donation
    • Print and fill out the Donation Form
    • Make a check out to “Kendall Young Library”.
    • Bring the completed form and check to the library or mail to: 
      • Kendall Young Library
        Attn: Library Director
        1201 Willson Avenue
        Webster City, Iowa 50595
  • Gifts
    Celebrate friends and relatives, their birthdays, or other special occasions by making a donation. 

  • Memorials
    Make a memorial donation in honor of a friend, relative, or valued member of the community. The Library will send an acknowledgement to the family of the individual you are honoring.

We accept book donations all year. Items not used in the collection will be sold on the Book Sale. Please call ahead to arrange a time to drop-off your donations. We do not accept textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries or musty, mildewed or soiled items. 

Our wish list is filled with items that KYL needs! You can support your library by purchasing something from our list. Our needs range from things like post it notes, to replacement books or movies.  When you buy something from our list it will be shipped directly to use.  Click here to view our WishList.